Eric Sabourin

Managing Director
Eric hails from Montreal, Canada and settled in London in 1992. After a brief stint in the restaurant sector he joined the French wine retailers, Nicholas in 1994 before launching Falcon Vintners in 1995. He generally focusses on finding new buying opportunities as well as helping with our private clients and Asian markets. His everyday tipple is usually a Langhe Nebbiolo whereas a top Burgundy or Barolo will feature on special occasions.

Jonathan Arcaini

Director and Head of Sales
Jonathan is based in our Manchester office and started his career with ex Altrincham fine wine traders Whitwhams in 1998. After a brief stint in London he headed back to Manchester and heads our trade sales focusing mainly on the USA and UK markets. His every day drinkers range from Chianti from Fontodi to Carema from Produttori and on special occasions enjoys nothing more than a traditional Barolo or a mature super Tuscan!

Giada Farina

Head of Accounts
Giada does the accounts and administration for Falcon and enjoys spending as much time as she can in Italy, where her parents are from, between Sardinia and Liguria, which is right next door to her favourite wine region Piedmont. She joined the team in 2010. Her everyday tipple is a Barbera and on special occasions its upped to a Barolo.

Joanna Chamberlain

Head of Logistics
Jo joined Falcon Vintners in 2011 after returning to the UK from a ski season in France. Based in our Manchester office, Jo looks after the logistics side of Falcon as well as being a contact for customer service. Her go to drinking wine would be a nice Sancerre, but through work trips to Tuscany Jo has also developed a taste for Brunello.

Simon Castellini

Private Client Sales
Originally from Italy, Simon joined Falcon Vintners to overlook our private client portfolio after a wine career in the hospitality and retail sector. Along the way, he developed a passion for the complexity of Burgundy, Alsace and Rhone Valley. While his tastes are fairly eclectic, he is always partial to a crisp white from the north of Italy, or a glass of Champagne and Amarone.