Falcon Vintners is pleased to present the exciting new releases from Brunello di Montalcino. Including some of the region’s best names, this offer covers the well-reviewed 2017 annata, the charming 2020 Rosso di Montalcino and the much-anticipated 2016 Riservas.

Heat and drought defined the 2017 growing season in Tuscany resulting in a small crop of concentrated wines. Careful vineyard management was therefore crucial and strict selections were employed in the winery to ensure the resulting freshness that is also a character of these wines. The balance achieved by the best growers is a highlight of Monica Larner in the Wine Advocate: “I must say that experienced vintners worked hard to achieve elegance, and the results are impressive, despite the many challenges.”.The 2016 Riservas meanwhile offer another thrilling dimension to that already feted vintage, and as ever, the value to be found across the Rosso wines is superb.

Purchase of some 2016 Riservas is tied to the 2017s, please enquire for details.

We hope you enjoy exploring the range.


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